Wellness Series - The Physical Therapy and Wellness Institute - PA

Wellness Series

Eight 6-week programs supervised & directed to help you achieve better health. All offer a comprehensive physical evaluation, pre- and post-program measurements, customized exercise programs, unlimited supervised visits, BMI and blood pressure screening, and a program summary to your physician.

  1. Healthy Heart
    Improve your cardiac health.
  2. Pain B Gone
    Manage joint and muscle pain through low intensity exercises and pain management strategies.
  3. Joint Health
    Preserve your painful joints through smart joint conservation exercises.
  4. Sweet Success
    Manage diabetes symptoms and secondary disorders.
  5. Limber Limbs
    Improve functional performance limited by poor posture from tightness of the soft tissues.
  6. Get Fit
    Improve your general fitness to battle obesity.
  7. Get Steady
    Manage balance disorders such as Parkinson's, diabetes, neuropathy and lower extremity weakness.
  8. Strong Again
    designed to help you regain your strength.

Our Wellness Series is a good program for you if: