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"Excellent staff!"
Feb 17, 2021
"I had the pleasure of contacting this Physical Therapy office to discuss benefits for a member who uses this facility. Not only was my phone call answered quickly and efficiently, but the experience was more than exceptional. Adam is a great representative of The Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute, and I highly recommend this facility. They truly care about their patients which is very much needed during these times!! Thank you Adam, and to the staff at The Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute."
Dec 09, 2020
"I was in terrible lower back pain for 3 weeks, when my Doctor recommended physical therapy. I called PTW in Blue Bell and I am so glad I made the call. PTW was quick to get me on their schedule and the therapy made an immediate difference in my discomfort. Dr. Linton (Stephen) and Tyler are not only professional experts, they have an engaging manner and create a safe, comfortable secure environment. Best of all they listen and can make adjustments to the therapy on the spot. I can say that I am in good hands, since each day I can tell I am strengthening my core and lower back. Such a huge relief. Don't wait - make the call if you need this kind of help."
Nov 18, 2020
"Jarett, thank you so much. Any chance we could do this 3 times a week? "
Apr 27, 2020
"Great job in helping me recover function"
Feb 17, 2020
"Katie is a terrific therapist, she has helped me to greatly improve my core and pelvic floor strength. I enjoy working with her, and she has a delightful personality. Katie manages to always put you at ease, and I feel like I can trust her. Her instructions were always clear, and whenever I was confused she found another way to explain the same thing. I highly recommend her, and would work with her again. "
Jan 29, 2020
"I ca not thank the entire staff at PTW enough. After my car accident I was pretty broken. I just didn't realize how badly. PTW literally put my strained muscles back together and allowed me to enjoy my life again-pain free!"
Jan 13, 2020
"It has always been a pleasure to come here. Everyone is very friendly & knowledgeable and they really take their time to help whatever the problem is. In my case, several areas of rehab. I'm sure I'll be back as something else will probably go wrong down the road. Love the positive atmosphere and their smiles!"
Jan 13, 2020
"My experience at PTW has been great as I am now pain free. When I first came to PTW I didn't realize how compromised my Achilles was. The staff has been great; very knowledgeable, very persistent and great to partner with. I truly believe I would not be pain free with out their help, guidance, and assistance. Thank you!!!"
Nov 25, 2019
"I will miss coming in here. I appreciated how I was always pushed to do my very best or better and was consistently amazed at how much more I could do than ever before. All staff was very easy to get along with and made the time go very quickly, even on days where I wasn't as motivated. Thank you to everyone for all that you did to get me to this point in my recovery."
Nov 13, 2019
"My experience here at PTW was great because although I was unclear of my long journey of healing ahead of me, everyone here had a way of helping me. Whether it was my exercises or just a simple how are you today. It all helped me along the way. PTW is the best center, because they go above and beyond for all of their patients to feel better & like family. I am very appreciative for all they have done for me I will recommend PTW to everyone!"
Oct 24, 2019
"I come here because everyone is friendly-I feel completely comfortable. The therapists are caring the other folks are caring as well. What more can you ask for that's why I keep coming back for any injury/issue. PS: I think and know that Tiffany is an awesome therapist"
Oct 22, 2019
"I felt as if I was in a friend's house. Both Bill and Matt paid close attention to my pain levels. Lexi helped with my exercises and made it comfortable."
Oct 03, 2019
"Brandon really went above and beyond to explain each step I was taking and how /what I was doing would progress me along PT. Jason Joseph and Brandon all made me feel so welcome and they helped in so many ways."
Sep 04, 2019
"I am glad I found PTW, they have helped me so much with my issue. Brandon and the rest of the crew are fabulous."
Aug 29, 2019
"Each time I rehab at PTW I have success and lessen my pain and gain strength and mobility! The staff at PTW is terrific. They are highly knowledgeable, eager to do anything to help clients, very friendly, and above all want you to succeed with your PTW goals. Thanks to everyone!"
Aug 29, 2019
"I began therapy at PTW with severe lower back issues. The care and concern I have received has been above all expectations. Katie Barnett conducted my initial diagnosis and has worked with me primarily since. Katie goes above all expectations. She is not only highly proficient at her profession, but is also compassionate, caring and knowledgeable. She answers my frequent questions completely and concisely. I have had a few sessions with Jamie Borchart and had the same competent and caring attention. I have never felt pressure to try an exercise that I was not comfortable with and am seeing weekly improvement. All the staff at PTW are friendly and show concern for patient improvement. After my initial visit every staff member called me by my name and made a point of speaking to me. "
Aug 26, 2019
"PTW was a pleasant experience. Everyone is very cheerful and knowledgeable. I was nervous to begin with , but they immediately made me feel comfortable. I was pushed to improve. They have done an excellent job. I would recommend PTW to anyone. "
Aug 19, 2019
"This place is amazing. They truly care about how you feel and getting you the best care possible. They work tirelessly to find plan that fits your specific needs. PTW is by far the best around!"
Aug 08, 2019
"I recovered quickly thanks to my PT's ability to identify my issues and design the right exercise moves for me. Everyone at PTW is so nice, helpful, and very professional "
Aug 08, 2019
Aug 02, 2019
"The Physical Therapy Wellness Institute, at Harleysville, is one excellent, exceptional place. Why do I say that? I say that because of the professional staff members whose care one is under when you are there for physical therapy. Every single one of the staff, including the physical therapists, p.t. assistants, and tech support people, are tremendously knowledgeable in the field of physical therapy. I asked a lot of questions regarding my p.t. situation. No matter whom I asked, there was always a professional answer. I was given a detailed response every time I had a question. Something else which impressed me was the fact that, while one is doing his or her routine, staff members have their eyes on each person, making sure that you are doing the exercises properly; this is very important. I was always treated with respect, and I felt that staff members took a personal interest in me, and in my case. I arrived at the PTW Institute, at Harleysville, with a level of pain at around 7. After only 4 weeks of physical therapy, I left with a pain level of 1. I would recommend PTW Institute, at Harleysville, to everyone. It's a small place, but I would refer to it as, "Little, but mighty.""
Jul 29, 2019
"I will recommend PTW to my crossfit and spartan friends because of the excellent care that is personalized to the individual. PTW staff consistently display kindness, care, and attention to each patient and I am grateful I had the experience with them"
Jul 08, 2019
"From the first evaluation to starting the exercises to improvement to more exercises it has been truly exhilarating to experience progress. I was greeted each day by my name I noted the therapists knew EVERYONE's name. Therapists were always encouraging-especially during what I perceived to be "too difficult" exercises "
Jul 01, 2019
"All of the employees made the big difference in my work outs! Such a pleasure every morning when I was here! Even the other clients were so happy and friendly "
Jun 14, 2019
"I am extremely pleased with the professionalism of Ms Katie Barnett regarding my treatment of urine incontinence. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable but she is very kind. I would recommend her to anyone with the same type of problem. I never knew that a treatment like this was available , I thought it was a normal process of age. How happy I was to know that that was not necessarily so. I am leaving this program with a huge boast to my psyche, the improvement has done wonders for me. Thank you PTW for providing this program for me. "
May 31, 2019
"I am such a changed person since coming to therapy. When I started after a 2-month inpatient stay I was wearing pull-ups. Had been wearing them at night and now it was all the time. Now that I have graduated from PTW, I am back into regular underwear. Don't feel like such an old lady anymore. Pelvic floor and kegel exercises have given me hope. I also could not stand for a minute, even less. Now I am standing for 5 hours at a new job I would never had the courage to attempt before PTW. I am so very grateful for the new body, new hopes, and the wonderful staff at PTW in Lansdale."
May 24, 2019
"I love coming in and being greeted by name by all of the staff members. Even when I don't feel like doing the work I do it because I think "wow they are so happy to see me so I may as well do it!""
May 20, 2019
"Brandon explained each process with how we could progress. I was very pleased with my recovery during the exercises and the tools to go home with to keep me me strong "
May 08, 2019
"High key never want to comeback (because I don't want to be injured again) But high key want to come back at the same time because I am going to miss everyone so much Thank you so much for everything "
May 06, 2019
"Thanks for a wonderful experience-my first time having any personal physical therapy even as a nurse. I have worked with many patients through the years who were receiving PT/OT. You have a great organization!"
May 06, 2019
"Hatfield PTW is an excellent place to go for rehab! Althought I am very please with my success, there is a tinge of sadness because I really feel like I'm leaving a family!"
May 02, 2019
"This is my second knee replacement and I would not have considered any other place for therapy. My experience this time could not have been better. Steve gave me such hope when I arrived that after a second admission to Jefferson Hospital for and infection that I could and will make it back to the level of flexibility and strength I needed!"
Apr 29, 2019
"I would recommend PTW because they are the best at what they do. Besides the PT they want to make sure you get a great treatment that is why I came here for my arm, shoulder, and 2 knee replacements!"
Apr 29, 2019
"To all of the staff: Thank you for every thing that you do, your encouragement, support, and advice. Hopefully I won't have to go to PT again but if it is needed at some point I will definitely return to PTW!"
Apr 25, 2019
"I really appreciate the caring and kindness of everyone that worked with me. Also how kind all were to a few patients that needed much help. Always with a smile! My experience was wonderful and so helpful!"
Apr 12, 2019
"If I came in experiencing pain or difficulty it usually subsided by the time or shortly after the therapy session. The staff is wonderful it's a place where everyone knows your name very important so helpful understanding and friendly "
Apr 08, 2019
"I had a great experience in 2009 and returned 100%. When I fractured my pelvis I knew where to go. PTW staff supported my physically and emotionally through my rehab. They pushed me even when I complained but also knew when to step back and ease up!"
Apr 02, 2019
"The therapists were great with showing me the exercises I needed to strengthen my shoulder. I have more range of motions and my shoulder hurts much less. I also have new exercises I can do at home to continue to improve"
Apr 02, 2019
"The staff at PTW are phenomenal! They are upbeat, friendly, personable, and have excellent customer service. They are always prepared and willing to help and answer any questions. They get to know each client by name and get to know their story. Best of all, they also do everything in their power to get you back to the activities you love and the level of function you were accustomed to pre-injury. Keep up the great work PTW!"
Apr 02, 2019
"Each and every physical therapist and staff member cared for me in a holistic manner. They cared for my body, mind, and manner. They cared for my body, mind, spirit, and heart. I am grateful"
Apr 01, 2019
"Thank you Matt, Lexi and Marj for all you did to help me during my process of healing after long-term pain I had since I was involved in a car accident in my 20s. Matt, Keep doing this wonderful job and may God continue blessing your life and your staff. Hope you will open a PTW location in Central Florida since I am moving back there in May. You are the best of the best!"
Apr 01, 2019
"The staff truly makes your recovery and healing a fun experience. I looked forward to going to my appointment even when I didn't want to do the exercises. The biggest improvement for me was being able to sleep through the night with out waking up to pain"
Mar 08, 2019
"my experience was great because Steph and AJ listened attentively to my concerns, offered advice and treatment that progressed me to being pain free today. PTW is he best because they made me feel at ease, moved me step by step through a program for complete recovery"
Mar 08, 2019
"Although I have had PT previously and I love to exercise most of my life, my experience at PTW was extremely helpful. Brandon was not only kind and patient, he explained the physiology behind each exercise. This has helped me maintain compliance!"
Feb 22, 2019
"Steve Linton, Melissa, and all the employees are very professional, knowledgeable, and always answer questions and give suggestions on how to spend our recovery when we were at home. I always felt at home at PTW and that I was among friends who wanted me to succeed. I cannot thank you all enough."
Feb 19, 2019
"I have used PTW before and have always been more than satisfied with the results! Thank you to the dedicated and knowledgeable staff willing to accommodate my schedule and provide constant care. "
Feb 18, 2019
"I want to thank everyone for being so caring with me and my back injury. I had a great time with everyone here, having conversations, and listening to great music. I definitely feel MUCH better. PTW will b my #1 option for physical therapy!"
Feb 18, 2019
"Having worked in healthcare for many years I would certainly see myself as somewhat of a skeptic when it came to physical therapy! Luckily Steve and his staff proved me wrong. In recent months my husband and I were both treated at the Harleysville location. What we found were knowledgeable, professional, caring individuals. The staff will be sure that you know the routine and assist you if like myself, you just don't always remember exactly what to do. They answer questions, they adjust the program if necessary, and never do you feel uncomfortable, as can happen in other situations. Therapy is a process, and I know that people often do not achieve full benefit because they just don't get feedback, assistance, or whatever it takes to continue. I believe that this is probably the best that I have encountered and would not hesitate to recommend Steve and his staff to anyone in need. I rarely make recommendations but I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge what they are doing at PTW in Harleysville. "
Jan 29, 2019
"I was very impressed with the commitment knowledge and great attitude of every single person at PTW. The compassion of all of the PT's when stretching was appreciated. I am well again because of PTW"
Jan 28, 2019
"Very friendly personnel. Very professional atmosphere and treatment."
Jan 21, 2019
"This has been a terrific experience. Everyone that works here maks you feel that they really care about you as an individual. Very positive vibe here!"
Jan 17, 2019
"Great staff - very friendly and helpful!"
Jan 16, 2019
"What a great team to have by your side. Dr. Sean, John, Lindsey and Corine went above and beyond to help me walk again. After fracturing my leg in 5 places and not healing, the team came together and came up with a plan to help me gain my independence again. My leg was not healing after surgery, the Alter G, exercise and the emotional support helped me get through and gain my strength. I am now able to walk with a cane and my service dog. I have to undergo more surgeries, and I will be returning to PTW for my follow-up therapy and maintenance. Thank you all for everything you have done for me. God Bless You. Kim W. "
Jan 12, 2019
"Christian and the staff did a great job helping me recover from my heel pain. They understood my issues and addressed them. Everyone on staff are very helpful, friendly and courteous Thank you!"
Dec 27, 2018
"There aren't words to express how grateful I am for PTW! I've seen my share of physical therapists over the years, and this place is by far the best. The staff is friendlier, more helpful, more fun, and more knowledgeable than any I've ever experienced, and the progress I've made in just 2 months has been nothing short of astonishing. I had no idea PT could be so effective. Many thanks!"
Dec 22, 2018
"AJ and Brandon are fantastic. Very patient with me. They work as a team and they help me to succeed at each and every appointment! Highly reccommend PTW Harleysville AJ and Brandon!"
Dec 18, 2018
"You guys have been more than phenomenal in my care. I can’t thank you all enough from the bottom of my heart. Words can’t even begin to describe how thankful and grateful I am for the exceptional time and effort that everyone has put into getting me back to doing what I love. You truly care about my health and recovery. My physical therapists Jaimie, Brian and Jackie Kern have been truly amazing! They have taken the time to develop a personal plan that is getting me the results that I’m seeking. Together, we have molded that plan to keep progressing me into higher difficulty and more challenging tasks. They are the kindest, most compassionate and empathetic people that I have ever met. They truly deserve to be recognized for the amazing work that they put in day in and day out. I will be recommending everyone that I know to your facilities. All of us patients greatly appreciate the exceptional work and effort that you put in on a daily basis to make PTW the best physical therapy place out there! Every time I go on a run, I smile and beam at how much stronger and more fit I am. That is completely because of you guys! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! "
Dec 15, 2018
"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help in restoring me. Getting me to be able to drive my car without fear and free from pain, and for restoring me to a decent sleeping pattern."
Dec 13, 2018
"I am very pleased with the program I was provided. It was designed to meet my individual goals. Everyone was friendly and responsive to my needs. PTW also provided therapy times that were convenient for me. Communication regarding my progress was also informative."
Nov 28, 2018
"This has been the best experience! Everyone as been welcoming and greets you by your firs name and get to know you. The therapists listen to you and you get a true feeling that they care about your health and recovery. always keeping the therapy fresh and moving. Excellent customer service!"
Nov 21, 2018
"ALL of the staff are always very positive and enthusiastic which motivates me to be compliant and work hard. It is always a pleasure to observe how well coordinated all of the staff is to assure that wherever I am in my routine someone is aware of what I am doing and what I should do next"
Nov 14, 2018
"Love this place so much. I keep coming back. As an older martial artist you need the support of good PTs and PTW is my spot"
Nov 12, 2018
"I would not hesitate to recommend PTW to friends and family. I feel I've reached my goals and my experience at PTW has been very positive in caring for my body."
Nov 06, 2018
"Alex took a personal interest in making sure each stage of evaluation, planning, routine, and recovery was well balanced. It was an outstanding experience"
Oct 30, 2018
"I am grateful for your friendliness and skills. You have improved my quality of life so well. I am finally back to the "old me""
Oct 24, 2018
"My knee issue was resolved in just 5 appointments (2 Weeks) and I was back to jogging at my full body weight all thanks to the Alter G and the excellent guidance of the staff at PTW Hatfield"
Oct 24, 2018
"I appreciate the care, concern, professionalism, and friendliness here at PTW. Also I appreciate the therapists pushing me and encouraging me to go the next step"
Oct 16, 2018
"My experience with the folks at PTW Quakertown has been wonderful. I'm treated like a person first, then as a person with 2 knee replacements that needs therapy. Sean and John are so knowledgeable, kind, caring, with a sense of humor on the side. But don't get me wrong, they will push you to do better because they want you to be pain free and stronger. I couldn't have come this far without them. Thank you to all the staff (Lindsay, Corinne too) for helping me make this recovery a successful one! "
Oct 02, 2018
"Thank you all for your assistance & caring! When I started I didn't think going once or twice a week was going to make a difference, but coming here and also doing things at home made a difference. Everyone here is so kind and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone looking for therapy"
Oct 01, 2018
"My foot feels so much better. I was at a podiatrist and received three shots in my foot, and custom mad orthodix and nothing worked until I went to PT so thank you!"
Sep 26, 2018
"I would not hesitate telling anyone that PTW is a very wonderful place to go for aches and pains to be taken care of. My experiences of coming here were fruitful and rewarding to me. I find the therapists warm and dedicated to their work, friendly and caring to all who come for help. I think super fits them "
Sep 24, 2018
"My experience at the Hatfield PTW has been wonderful! The staff is kind and thoughtful. It is interesting how the bones, tendons, and muscles all work together at the shoulder joint to give range of motion. After injuring my shoulder in a fall I started P.T. The staff manually manipulate the joint. I do additional supervised exercises on their machines. I have also been given exercises to do at home. PTW also offers lectures open to the public on common complaints such as backaches, etc. They are involved with the "Silver Sneakers" program for seniors. I highly recommend PTW-HATFIELD!"
Sep 18, 2018
"I thank God for my recovery at PTW. AJ was marvelous and I pray that God will bless the entire staff because of how much hey helped me"
Sep 18, 2018
"The staff is dedicated and friendly. All of the staff works well together to help each patient to improve. The process is efficient so each individual can maximize time there"
Sep 13, 2018
"I had been battling a pinched nerve in my neck for about 3 months when I began at PTW. My pain level was brutal ("pinch" should really be reconsidered) and the idea of using any of the muscles in that vicinity seemed foolish. But sure enough, over time and with focused attention the pain began to subside and my strength returned. The knowledge and expertise that the staff displayed gave me the confidence not only in the treatment but in my ability to heal. But my success in physical therapy is really only half of the positive experience. Steve, Melissa, Jim, Geena, Joseph, Rachel, Cort, AJ. Never in my life have I gone to a healthcare provider and remembered anyone's name, let alone everyone's. That's because the team at PTW Harleysville always makes sure to say hello, not in a superficial "may I take your order" kind of way, but with genuineness. They talk to you, they remember things about you, we had running jokes. Every time a patient would walk through the door it was like Norm from Cheers. I am actually going to miss hanging out with these guys when I get discharged. That's the real reason that I would recommend them to anybody in need on PT."
Aug 20, 2018
"I am very satisfied with the therapy I received at PTW. I understand that due to the injuries, I have permanent problems but I have been helped in areas that were able to be helped."
Aug 15, 2018
"Thank you so much for your help! I have truly never received better care than I have at PTW (and I have tried PT so many times!) I am so grateful to be in such a better place than where I was when I came here. I am so lucky to have found this center! Thank You!"
Aug 09, 2018
"I had wonderful results after my total knee replacement. Matt and Greta at Hatfield location knew exactly how far to push me without making me hurt too much and were cheerleaders as I met the agreed upon goals. I would definitely recommend PTW Hatfield to anyone who needs pt."
Aug 02, 2018
"My experience at PTW has been a very helpful and pleasant one. The staff is knowledgeable and caring and I would highly recommend them for rehab!"
Jul 27, 2018
"The staff at PTw Harleysville always makes you feel confident you will have a positive experience. Who knew that physical therapy for an injury could be such fun! I am truly grateful to PTW for their support and help and I always looked forward to coming to my appointments!"
Jul 27, 2018
"I really appreciated the opportunity to see PTW center for myself. I work in a physician's office and I have had 2 patients call and compliment PTW. That is what made me give PTW a try for my injury. Dr. Chu highly recommended you too!"
Jul 24, 2018
"I am very impressed with the knowledge and professionalism shown by the staff at PTW Hatfield. I am very satisfied with the treatment I have received and am looking forward to a complete recovery. I would strongly recommend PTW Hatfield... They are a friendly and caring group. .."
Jul 22, 2018
"I was on pain medicine for year and always had pain. When I re-injured my back in a motor vehicle accident my lawyer recommended I go to PTW. It was the best thing for my injury and a tremendous alternative to pills!"
Jul 13, 2018
"I began physical therapy at the beginning of the year at another place that wasn't working out. I was then switched to PTW and I started to notice a difference right away! I was then scheduled to have surgery on my left shoulder in April. Afterwards I was asked if I wanted to go to a different place for therapy and I said NO. The staff at PTW is very knowledgeable and helped me to recover sooner than I expected."
Jul 02, 2018
"I cannot say enough about your wonderful staff in Harleysville. They care, are very personable, and are all aware of your treatment plan and execution of it. i may have thought at times "why am I doing this" but eventually it makes sense and the benefits show why you were doing certain exercises."
Jul 02, 2018
"Today, I just completed my 4th session of rehab with PTW since 2005 - all for different issues, including double knee replacements. All my earlier rehab was done in the Lansdale Center and for this course of care, I attended the newly opened Center in Hatfield, which is closer to my home. As I have experienced previously, I am extremely pleased with the care I received. The Hatfield staff was welcoming, knowledgeable, always attentive, and helpful with all aspects of my care. I have, in the past, referred family members and friends to PTW and will continue to do so. PTW and all their staff are the BEST. I highly recommend them for care."
Jun 29, 2018
"My therapy at Hatfield PTW is a new experience for me. It is a real pleasure to work with Matt. He explains everything and works with me on my trying days when I don't feel that I'm getting any better. The entire staff is very pleasant and always is willing to work with me on my crazy time schedule. All in all it is a very reassuring thing for me. Thank you PTW & Matt for all your help to get me up and moving again....."
Jun 24, 2018
"I began physical therapy at the Harleysville, PA location of The Physical Therapy and Wellness Institute several weeks ago. I cannot say enough positive things about my experience there. Everyone is skilled, professional, energetic, upbeat and positive! I am healing, gaining strength and improving my range of motion and I highly recommend PTW. It is truly a pleasure to be a patient there!"
Jun 23, 2018
"Since I have been coming to PTW this past month I have been feeling better and have been able to do things that I was not able to do before. My pain is not as bad! Matt and Greta are very good at what they do and I appreciate them!"
Jun 18, 2018
"Great knowledgeable staff, plus very helpful and friendly. "
Jun 15, 2018
"I am pleased with my experience at PTW and I am loving the ability to walk again. I am moving better, walking better, and my low back pain is much relieved. I am living an active lifestyle and I have more energy and flexibility"
Jun 12, 2018
"The Pt's are very knowledgeable and are very concerned about your problem. They are personable and caring. They are there for you and want you to be successful and meet your goals"
Jun 05, 2018
"We are so grateful for the wonderful care our son received. When he started he could barely walk and now he is pretty much pain free!"
Jun 05, 2018
"Thank you for my recovery for a better life and taking the time not not rushing me to do the exercise. Also thank you for showing patience and care for your clients!"
May 29, 2018
"Wonderful experience caring and friendly staff I would highly recommend them Thank you Matt for everything"
May 26, 2018
"It's like walking into Cheers bar where everyone knows your name. I always felt welcomed by all the employees."
May 09, 2018
"Thank you to all the PTW staff who helped get me to be pain free. Coming in I had my doubts as to recovering fully, but special thanks go to Charlie, Lindy, and Johnell who made my experience a great one!"
May 09, 2018
"My son had used PTW for physical therapy after he had shoulder surgery. 5 months later I also had surgery. He said he was pleased with their service so I decided to do my PT here as well."
May 09, 2018
"For someone who has never had the time or inclination to adhere to an exercise program. I find myself addicted to my pool and exercise regimen. I have no desire to go elsewhere because I like the proximity of PTW to my home. I love the staff and cleanliness of the facility "
Apr 26, 2018
"I have a chronic autoimmune disease that can cause joint pain. Every time (2 times now) I have a "flare-up" that slows me down the staff at PTW has given me great advice and routines to get me through to top notch shape again!"
Apr 25, 2018
"Everyone made my therapy enjoyable to come to, and were very helpful! Great job by all, and I will return if I ever need to! Thank you to the entire staff!"
Apr 23, 2018
"I have come for 2 knees now. Both different and both successful! I also did fitness between and my second knee felt much stronger! Will continue fitness to maintain and improve!"
Apr 19, 2018
"The PTW staff are not only experts in their craft but also have been successful at completing the repair work on my back muscle spasms. Thank you PTW team"
Apr 16, 2018
"They really worked well with me and had my improvement to 100% mobility at the best interest. It is a comfortable atmosphere. Everyone is welcoming and friendly"
Apr 16, 2018
"I was surprised at how quickly my results started to show. Especially after waiting 9 months hoping the knee would heal on its own"
Apr 12, 2018
"Wow! What a great experience. The staff is great and my rehab was a success. i would highly recommend PTW to anyone in need of PT services"
Apr 10, 2018
"Lauren has been incredible. Times were dark when I first came in, but Lauren was the one who figured out what was wrong and took care of me even when nothing seemed to work! Shout out to Catie, Ryan, Steve and Michelle. You all saved me!"
Apr 10, 2018
"Shawn and Travis were fun to work with and learn from. it really improved my back issues and helped me return to work as a fuel oil delivery driver. Even at 64 years old!"
Apr 10, 2018
"I was very happy with my experience in Hatfield. I was not looking for pain relief, but came for PT to PREP for a total knee replacement. Matt Brennan was very kind supportive and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this center "
Apr 10, 2018
"When I was released by my surgeon he recognized how exceptionally well my recovery went. While he liked to take credit, I know in large part of the success was due to the PTW team"
Apr 10, 2018
"My experience was the care I was given improved my confidence and I increased my ability to climb stairs-walk and do normal chores in my home"
Apr 10, 2018
"I really loved the helpfulness with all the staff and it didn't end at the session. They gave me things to do at home, so I could continue to be successful"
Apr 03, 2018
"I came in with lower back pain and with the help of the great staff at PTWI in Harleysville I am walking out pain free after only a few treatments. Everyone was kind, knowledgeable, and helpful. I would recommend this facility to anyone who is looking to recover well"
Apr 03, 2018
"PTW is great! I know I will always be well taken care of there, They have helped me several times with good results. I appreciate everything that they do!"
Mar 29, 2018
"I have been to different PT center over time. PTW is the best. Very thorough. I feel much better. Sean is very good at what he does, so far the best. He has great skills and is very easy to understand. I know this because I myself have been working in the medical field for a long time. I would refer anyone to him. Thank you Sean for not giving up on me and helping me with skill and exercises to feel better. Travis and Maj were very helpful and friendly as well. Thank you PTW Quakertown you are the best!"
Mar 27, 2018
"My family is glad that PTW was chosen for my recovery of the fall I took at work. My break has healed and my strength returned to get me back to my job. Thanks for a great experience"
Mar 27, 2018
"My experience was great-super friendly staff. Professional and very informative-Great listeners as well. Always focused on clients and their improvements"
Mar 27, 2018
"The staff at Souderton are awesome, friendly, caring and professional. They helped me reach my goal and working full time"
Mar 27, 2018
"After a total knee replacement the staff at PTW put me back on the road to normal life in less than 1.5 months. Great job!"
Mar 20, 2018
"I went to PTW Montgomeryville in October initially for what I thought "sciatica." Katie examined me and gave me a plan. She was very friendly, kind, professional and knowledgeable. I started my therapy. After 1.5 week or so, I was not getting better and she explained that my next step would be going to Spine Specialist. She suggested that I make an appointment and still continue with my therapy. It turned out it was more than sciatica. I had a herniated disc which was causing major pain. Because she gave me so much information, I was not scared or worried about the procedure I had to have. She really helped me through my difficult time with the injury, not as a PT but like a friend. I really enjoyed working with Katie. Also, Michelle has helped me with all of my exercise scheduling and so on. She has been wonderful as well. I highly recommend PTW at Montgomeryville. "
Mar 06, 2018
"PTW has very caring folks. This is my fourth time at PTW (All different injuries-no reruns)"
Mar 05, 2018
"I will recommend to anyone I find who needs PT, I had a great experience everyone was incredibly helpful"
Mar 05, 2018
"Thank you so much! I hope to not need to come back, but it is a comfort to know you are here if I need help healing again!"
Feb 19, 2018
"The facility is clean and Stephanie is very attentive and knowledgeable. Hours of operation are convenient."
Feb 19, 2018
"Excellent Physical Therapists and staff to help you get through your daily routine of exercises and help with getting your body back to a less painful way of living . Staff is kind, helpful and understanding of the patient needs to lead a healthier way of life."
Feb 13, 2018
"Positive experience all around! Experienced staff with wonderful interpersonal skills Recovering from major spinal surgery and after only 3 weeks of therapy at PTW a noticeable improvement! I would highly recommend PTW to all!"
Feb 01, 2018
"I came in for lower back pain and they were very understanding on what I needed to get better. The exercises and clientele mad me get better fast. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to recover from injuries"
Feb 01, 2018
"I had a very good treatment at PTW Montgomeryville for my knee replacement. When I get my other knee replaced I will have no problem coming back!"
Jan 29, 2018
"This is my second time here at PTW. I had 2 different injuries and I would highly recommend PTW to anyone needing PTW (without reservation!)"
Jan 29, 2018
"Coming to PTW was the best thing for my back. When I started I could barely bend down or reach up. Now I can do all of that and more at a 100% level. I would recommend them."
Jan 29, 2018
"The care was personalized to my injury and there were very clear goals to achieve. Everyone at PTW was great and I felt like they were invested in my recovery"
Jan 29, 2018
"I am so please that I found PTW-Souderton. Stephanie and Minh are caring, professional, and knowledgeable. Should I ever need therapy again I would choose here!"
Jan 22, 2018
"I'm happy my podiatrist suggested me to go here! I always love the positive energy coming in here. My boyfriend is thinking about going back to school for PT after hearing how happy I was with going here!"
Jan 10, 2018
"After you first visit you feel like you have been coming often because of the staff knowing you and caring about your situation. I love that they know your name!"
Jan 08, 2018
"PTW has helped me a lot since I began coming here in March. Thanks to everyone who helped me along the was. Everyone was so nice and I just want to saw thank you again!"
Jan 03, 2018
"Everyone was so very nice and always greeted me by my name I never dreaded coming to PT. They always explained everything to me and answered my questions fully. "
Jan 02, 2018
"PTW works with you to achieve your goals. Everyone is friendly respectful and always pleasant. I appreciate all they have done for me over the past several months! Thank you! "
Dec 27, 2017
"PTW has an objective approach to determining what role physical fitness can play to the limit the need for medications, to feel my best, and to continue to live a full life in my 70s. The staff has an impressive team approach to working with clients "
Dec 20, 2017
"I could not walk unassisted when I started and now I am walking on my own due to the program that was made for me!"
Dec 14, 2017
"This has been my best PT experience ever! The entire staff is involved in every patient's progress and they all seem totally dedicated to helping everyone improve."
Nov 27, 2017
"Great people and care! I knew it was a good place to come back to if I needed help!"
Nov 27, 2017
"I always get the best therapist and the best exercises to help me! Everyone at PTW is upbear and friendly so I am always in a better mood when I leave"
Nov 21, 2017
"My husband was greatly helped by PTW. He said that everyone remembered his name. He was right! Th staff really cared and wanted me to improve! I DID!"
Nov 08, 2017
"I have been here 3 different times. Each time was better than the one before. I intent to keep coming to do the Wellness Center and keep my strength up. Thank you for everything!"
Oct 25, 2017
"Can't say enough about the good service ALL the staff provides. Everyone greets you by name and this means a lot! Christian was great and encouraging me with patience. I got great results."
Sep 28, 2017
"I definitely chose the best PT place in the area! Everyone was so friendly in greeting the patients when they entered the building."
Sep 28, 2017
"PTW was great because they gave you incentive to do better and the people are all great! I had a great experience. I couldn't have done it on my own. I would recommend PTW to anyone!"
Sep 25, 2017
"I am 100% satisfied with my recovery and will be coming back when I have my right hip replaced in the near future!"
Sep 13, 2017
"Stephanie was wonderful! I was so glad to find a nice PT with vestibular Training (that actually knew what to do!)"
Aug 31, 2017
"The therapy sessions were very helpful to improve my pain level, function, mobility, and increase my comfort level with a permanent injury"
Aug 31, 2017
"Their caring and knowledgeable staff guided me through exercise that improved my range of motion and helped me prevent further injury"
Aug 28, 2017
"I was not looking forward to returning to physical therapy, however, the folks in Souderton are friendly, encouraging, welcoming, and very professional. Stephanie listens, evaluates and adjusted my program based on my feedback. MIn is accommodating and encouraging as well. I am delighted with my results thus far, and look forward to continued progress!"
Aug 08, 2017
"The staff took the scary out of going because they are all so nice. They listen to my concerns and help me meet my goals with as little discomfort as possible!"
Aug 07, 2017
"They really care about helping people reach their goals and really care about their patients"
Aug 07, 2017
"Excellent. My pain is going away and I'm starting to feel great again! I would recommend PTW to anyone!"
Aug 07, 2017
"Marc and all the other therapists are fantastic. They listen to you! They have helped me a lot. When I first went in i was not able to lift my leg. It has come a long way, thanks to the dertermination of this group. I was afraid of therapist due to past experiences but this group is great!!! If you need therapy this is the place to go. Thank you all. Sue"
Jul 27, 2017
"While my issue was vertigo I was so happy to discover that PTW could help me get stronger and decrease my vertigo to a manageable level"
Jul 24, 2017
"This staff is very professional and personable. They find a way to connect with their patients and make them feel valued. They listen to my needs and truly focused on helping me, discovering underlying issues that otherwise I wouldn't have been aware of. Top notch care!"
Jul 24, 2017
"I came to PTW with a painful, swollen left knee. After only 3 weeks of therapy by Jacklyn, I left almost 100% improved! She is a wonderful therapist, very skilled in patient care. A pleasure to work with all the staff at PTW."
Jul 19, 2017
"I highly enjoyed my time with PTW. From scheduling my appointment to my time with the therapist, the entire process was easy! Everyone smiles and makes the time go by fast. Thank you to everyone!"
Jul 06, 2017
"Each therapist gives each patient 100% focus to their needs. I can't think of a reason why someone would not come back to PTW!"
Jul 03, 2017
"The staff is friendly helpful and prepared. If one person is busy someone else is able to instruct me on my program (which worked really well for me!)"
Jul 03, 2017
"I was suffering from constant symptoms from a head injury I obtained in a car accident. Sometimes the headaches would last for days with minor if any relief. As the weeks past and turned into months I slowly began feeling better. My balanced improved and most important the double vision subsided along with the headaches. I accompany my convalescence to the regiment and treatment I received at PTW. Thank you I greatly appreciate the effort everyone put into my health."
Jun 27, 2017
"The Souderton office is small enough to get the proper attention I needed to improve and move on actively"
Jun 20, 2017
"I've come to count on the excellent, positive team at PTW for keeping me healthy enough to continue joining my husband and family in all their vigorous adventures. Thanks everyone you are the best!"
Jun 05, 2017
"I have had 2 great experiences with PTW and I often recommend the group to people"
May 08, 2017
"PTW was absolutely wonderful! Working with Jackie and Margaret was a pleasure. They were always welcoming and made it a fun experience. They gave me great stretches to work on in the office and at home. They made a "practical" workout that I could complete at home with my busy schedule. I would highly recommend PTW to everyone!"
May 03, 2017
"PTW was great because it had all of the elements necessary to help me return to an active life."
Apr 24, 2017
"My first visit was a tear in my shoulder and i had a great experience here so when I knee replacement surgery, i knew right away i was coming back to PTW"
Apr 18, 2017
"T would recommend PTW to all my friends. This place is awesome! i have been here twice for 2 different issues and I am completely satisfied with my progress! Thank You"
Apr 18, 2017
"The Staff is much more than therapists and clinicians. They are trusted friends!"
Apr 10, 2017
"A thank you to Jackie and the Quakertown PTW for the recovery I received for my shoulder injury. Im back to my daily routine and I have them to thank."
Apr 08, 2017
"The Lansdale crew is spectacular. From evaluation through discharge they customized my program to help me get back to my sport. They worked closely with my insurance to minimize my out of pocket expenses."
Apr 06, 2017
"This has been a great experience. Not just because I feel better but because I learned a lot, thanks to the staff, about how to better take care of myself"
Apr 04, 2017
"When I arrived for my first visit I was unable to turn my head, was grumpy, achy, and frustrated, with my situation. But by the staff's perseverance I am now turning my head more freely and feeling much happier!"
Apr 03, 2017
"All of the trainers know what they are talking about and are hard workers. I would recommend to all injured people so they recover better than they were before their injury."
Mar 29, 2017
"I cannot begin to say enough about this facility! The care I've received has been extraordinary. Marj has taken care of all my insurance and scheduling questions and is extremely attentive to any need I may have while working on my therapy exercises--all while taking care of multiple other clients.Jackie has worked miracles with my vertigo symptoms and my neck and back pain. It is very apparent that she is quite knowledgeable in her profession. Both women are extremely friendly and pleasant, but remain professional. I highly recommend PTW of Quakertown!"
Mar 27, 2017
"I was a patient at Quakertown. Friendly and professional!"
Mar 24, 2017
"I've been at Quakertown. Great, Friendly and Professional"
Mar 24, 2017
"Marj @ Quakertown is Wonderful!!! She welcomes you as soon as you walk in always with a smile on her face. She knows exactly who we are when we walk in the door. She's great at multitasking. I have been here and there has been 6 or 7 patients that she was helping Jackie and catering to the needs of all patients! She does everything. She always seems to get to the bottom of insurance issues. Welcome to Jackie she's a really good fit here!- Judy P"
Mar 24, 2017
"I am very happy with the staff and facilities at The Physical Therapy center. I believe the attention and hands on have helped my ankle to heal faster. The staff has also helped and enabled me to go back to work and enjoy my everyday grind of work or play. They are always happy to assist with schedule changes and making sure my well being is taken into account. The entire staff is a blessing to the PT profession. I highly recommend this facility if your having any form of pain or movement problems."
Mar 14, 2017
"I have had PT at both Rothman and Premier-No Comparison! The PTW staff are unconditionally the best! They even have great tips for rehab for golfers. I feel 10 years younger!"
Mar 13, 2017
"Dear Bob, I want to thank you and your staff for the excellent care I received on my recent set of visits. I have used your service in Lansdale four times since 2003 and each time I have left pain free. On this recent visit my shoulder is now working in full range and pain free. Everyone I have sent to you has also been happy. Again thanks!"
Mar 08, 2017
"I am fortunae to be able to do the things I accomplish daily with MS (cleaning, making meals, gardening). I'm busy all day. It would be a great blessing to stay at the level I am now! Although I do not feel i accomplished all of the goals PTW had for me, I did leave with beneficial advise and exercise. I SO appreciate your welcoming work with me!"
Feb 28, 2017
"I've been coming here for about 10 years! I came back about 4 years ago with a torn ligament in my rotator cuff. Bob did an excellent job then and a better job this time!"
Feb 16, 2017
"I cannot say enough about the high level of care and respect that I received at PTW. Never before have I experienced PTs that care as much about my goals as I do. Sean even went to a Doctor appointment with me! A great place to get healthy!"
Feb 16, 2017
"I would like to thank you for all of the help that you have given me. It was a pleasure to go to physical therapy because everyone was always very concerned about how I was doing. I have never been to a PT before where they asked you how your day went and actually listen yo your concerns. Sean even took the time to go to a doctor's appointment with me. Thank you very much I would highly recommend PTW to all that need help!"
Feb 13, 2017
"I had a great experience at PTW in Harleysville! The staff (especially Steve and Court) were amazing, personable, knowledable and very accommodating with my schedule. Even when they were really busy, they were attentive to everyone's needs to keep everything flowing smoothly. The location is great and has flexible hours. I feel great and pain free after a few weeks of therapy. I highly recommend PTW!!!"
Feb 09, 2017
"My confidence has returned and i'm so much more aware of what i can and cannot do. Thanks for your excellent work!"
Feb 02, 2017
"The staff was so concerned and so aware of my needs. I left feeling good about the whole experience!"
Feb 02, 2017
"Kevin and Marj did a great job helping improve my pain and range of motion. I would highly recommend them! Thank you!"
Jan 26, 2017
"Thanks to everyone who helped me walk without pain. I am looking forward to replacing my other knee because of the good care I get here!"
Jan 24, 2017
"I think the Lansdale clinic is running smoothly these days. Everything is always clean, appointments are kept on time, and employees are cheerful while working with clients and never stand alone idle!"
Jan 24, 2017
"The careful observation of my form was that I needed to correct my physical deficiencies in my performing of daily activities."
Jan 23, 2017
"I always thought it was amazing how the staff always remembered my name and every other patient's name! It made treatment even more personal!"
Jan 23, 2017
"I'd like to thank each of the therapists for their professionalism, tolerance, and care. I could not have recovered without all of you!"
Jan 16, 2017
"I had a great experience. The individual attention and interest in my care was outstanding!"
Jan 16, 2017
"Many thanks to the staff at the Montgomeryville clinic! They were amazing to work with, made me work hard, and helped me get my post-surgical knee in great shape. No more pain and lots of strength!"
Jan 12, 2017
"PTW has convenient locations and hours for me! They also have a great friendly,knowledgeable, attentive staff. Kevin and marge are the best! I really enjoy working with them as they take a personal, sincere, interest in their clients!"
Jan 05, 2017
"The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and just great! The staff does not give up on you! I was not just a customer there I was part of the team!"
Dec 27, 2016
"The staff is knowledgeable and their great listening skills make them easy to work with!/ I would recommend PTW to anyone. I have been to many PT places and this is by far the best. Kevin is excellent!"
Dec 22, 2016
"My service dog and I felt welcomed each and every visit! Very casual and encouraging atmosphere by all staff. I never felt rushed or neglected. I appreciated the full explanations for payments scheduling and necessity of exercises as well as insurance information. I felt encouraged to continue the fitness program."
Dec 22, 2016
"The entire staff was helpful and very attentive to my specific injury. The exercises given to me targeted the injury!"
Dec 19, 2016
"What a difference your team has made! My arm is much better! Kudos to the wonderful team you have put together!"
Dec 15, 2016
"I thought my vacation plans would have to be cancelled, but Bob literally saved my trip!"
Dec 15, 2016
"Thank you to Bob, Chris, Zach, Erin, Lindy, and Mary Kate! You are the best. I highly recommend you to anyone!"
Dec 15, 2016
"I would tell anyone that got injured they should come to PTW because the staff is great. It is like joining a family at PTW! I feel much better!"
Dec 15, 2016
"I was having frequent headaches and neck pain and getting injections. Now, I only occasionally get a headache, neck and muscle pain and feel a lot better! So I won't have to keep getting injections! Thank You PTW!"
Nov 30, 2016
"The staff was attentive and polite. I improved significantly. The exercise plan and care improved my pain and range of motion in just a few weeks!"
Nov 30, 2016
"The people at PTW have helped me with my left shoulder in the past and now with my right knee! You are the best!"
Nov 30, 2016
"Kevin and Marge are great. I always feel welcome and will return again if I need it!"
Nov 30, 2016
"My pain has decreased and my strength had increased! The staff is friendly, compassionate, and personal. Thank you PTW for helping me overcome my pain and become strong enough to get back into my life!"
Nov 30, 2016
"Steve and Cort Rock! Grade 2 ankle sprain. They got my son back on his feet in no time. Plays varsity basketball and came back very quickly. Steve will stay late or come in earlier in order to get the athletes back into the game! He also treated my other son with same injury and same success a year earlier. High tech equipment. Clean and new facility."
Nov 17, 2016
"I had such a great improvement and the PTs were all fabulous to work with!"
Nov 15, 2016
"Great place! I will recommend to everyone I know! I can move without pain and everyone is so nice!"
Nov 15, 2016
"I received appropriate exercises, monitoring, and positive encouragement from all staff members!"
Nov 15, 2016
"The employees were very helpful in helping me get better. The staff truly wants to help you"
Nov 07, 2016
"Thank you to all of my physical therapists. Sean, Jackie, Christian, and Ruth were excellent. Upon discharge Sean saw to it that all of my needs were met and that I was walking away with an active plan that would ensure my continued success. When I expressed my concerns, Sean created a plan and explained it thoroughly to me so that I could prevent re-injuring and stiffness. The staff is excellent as well. Everyone is pleasant to work with, and They made therapy an enjoyable experience."
Nov 03, 2016
"I would recommend PTW if they want good P.T while at the same time feel welcomed. The therapists are always checking on you to encourage you during your recovery. Thanks for helping with my knee and shoulder! I Feel much better!"
Oct 25, 2016
"I learned a lot about what was wrong with ,y hip and ways to help. Everyone at PTW is really welcoming and friendly!"
Oct 25, 2016
"I had a wonderful experience and was thankful for my time spent at PTW! It improved my overall well-being-both physically and mentally"
Oct 13, 2016
"You have nothing to lose and everything to gain at PTW. I believe the staff enjoys what they do. I felt very welcomed in this facility. Everyone is amiable and do everything for your best interest. A Very well caring staff. Thank you for everything!"
Oct 10, 2016
"The staff at PTW really focuses on your specific issue. They always seem to take the time to address all issues you have and give you the confidence to return in the future."
Oct 06, 2016
"Thank you for everything. I am very grateful for all you have done for me. i will miss seeing all of you during the week."
Sep 26, 2016
"I was nervous as a first timer, but everyone on staff was great. I was very comfortable and the facility was clean and bright with a cheery environment. Most importantly THE PT WORKED!"
Sep 26, 2016
"Great experience. I was worried about my shoulder after I was injured. I was in doubt of whether I would be able to continue playing volleyball. PTW provided guidance and support to get back to sports. Thank you Sean and other supporting staff at Lansdale PTW!"
Sep 26, 2016
"This is my third time here. I checked out 3 other Physical Therapy places before I chose this place. I chose it because it is the best!"
Sep 26, 2016
"At my lowest point during rehab, PTW was there to cheer me on. At times, I felt as though I was speaking to a counselor. They are the best!"
Sep 20, 2016
"Everyone was extremely helpful in my recovery here, and they got to know me on a personal level, and provided a great course of treatment for proper recovery of my shoulder."
Sep 20, 2016
"This is my second time here at PTW. The treatment here has always been a good experience. The personnel have always been helpful and courteous. PTW is a great place to receive physical therapy!"
Sep 20, 2016
"PTW was great because of the enthusiasm of the staff, variety of exercises, and the environment coupled with the other people that were doing physical therapy."
Sep 15, 2016
"Thank you so much PTW for the care and compassion you all have shown me. Your expertise has me functioning again and I look forward to transitioning to your continuing wellness program."
Sep 15, 2016
"I will definitley recommend PTW to anyone I know in need of physical therapy. Kevin was great at monitoring my pain level and implementing proper exercise"
Sep 13, 2016
"They took the time to understand my recovery plan. The plan will help me be successful in a full recovery!"
Sep 13, 2016
"The people at PTW are very knowledgeable and friendly."
Sep 13, 2016
"I broke my arm and was totally disabled! PTW made it work in 5 months! They are knowledgeable, goal oriented, human, flexible and accommodating!"
Sep 01, 2016
"Great PTs and staff. I am pain free thanks to their hard work! The Alter-G helped me tremendously with my aching joints! Reccomend this place to EVERYONE!"
Aug 23, 2016
"Thanks to PTW staff and Christian for putting me on a path to better physical strength through a personalized program and follow up adjustments. I feel so much better!"
Aug 22, 2016
"PTW is the BEST physical therapy office I have ever seen!!! The very comprehensive treatment has helped me tremendously. I will continue to exercise with their medically based exercise program."
Aug 22, 2016
"Everyone was very nice and helped me meet my needs. With their help my pain is much better!"
Aug 18, 2016
"The pool therapy was a wonderful way to exercise without stress on my muscles. My physical therapists were/are a group of extremley caring people. I will and have recommended PTW to all of my friends and family, as well as others. I WAS bragging and proud to relay information on PTW!"
Aug 08, 2016
"PTW is more than what i expected. I met friendly people and my therapy went pretty well. I would recommend any of my friends, family, or other acquaintances to go over there in the future and experience them!"
Aug 04, 2016
"PTW has "revived my right shoulder more than once. The entire staff is wonderful, professional, committed, knowledgeable, friendly, pleasant- and did i mention WONDERFUL! I sincerely appreciate the progress made with my shoulder. Due to my injury i realize I will never be pain free completely but the last couple of months of PTW helped me immensely."
Aug 04, 2016
"I will always come here when I need Physical Therapy!"
Aug 01, 2016
"PTW is Awesome and Amazing! Steve is the bomb!"
Aug 01, 2016
"Everyone knows my name and what my program is it is great!"
Aug 01, 2016
"Overall a great experience. I currently feel improved, less pain, and hopefully will be more active. I plan to return as a fitness member. There are no other facilities in the area that compare to PTW!"
Aug 01, 2016
"The PTW reflects camaraderie. Everyone is congenial. The therapists are pleasant, knowledgeable, and dedicated (especially Jackie who took care of me as head therapist) She is experienced , friendly, and works diligently. As a whole I was satisfied with the alternate therapists that took care of me."
Aug 01, 2016
"Excellent group to work with- would go nowhere else!"
Aug 01, 2016
"When i came in after my hip surgery i could barley walk with a walker. I felt way older than my true age. I graduated to a cane again. I thought I was doomed, but through intense therapy. I can stand straight again and am on my way to walking straight again!"
Aug 01, 2016
"My arm healed 100%!"
Jul 21, 2016
"All exercises assigned helped greatly in rehab on my shoulder and knee."
Jul 21, 2016
"I appreciate all the help I was given. Everybody was polite and super helpful. Thank you to the whole PTW staff for all of your assistance."
Jul 21, 2016
"This experience was better than before, I got to know all of the employees and they always greeted me extremely friendly. I worked with Ruthie most days and she was always a pleasure to work with!"
Jul 18, 2016
"PTW has such a great staff! i felt that i was pushed and progressed quickly and safely!"
Jul 11, 2016
"Jackie is the best!! PTW has a most accomplished and professional staff over two other facilities I have been to. Everyone pitches in to help and are extremely friendly."
Jul 08, 2016
"Everyone was so helpful and friendly. My knee feels much better!"
Jul 07, 2016
"This was my first experience with physical therapy and I am really happy that i came to PTW. I had in improvement my shoulder strength and flexibility right away and my pain has also improved impressively."
Jun 30, 2016
"The staff at PTW is very friendly and knowledgeable. They are always willing to help in any way needed! Thank you!"
Jun 30, 2016
"Everyone at PTW is not only competent but welcoming and friendly. I am truly grateful to everyone here for their assistance and care."
Jun 28, 2016
"The staff at PTW is like family. They are such nice people!"
Jun 28, 2016
"PTW is always a great experience! I recommend it to everyone"
Jun 27, 2016
"The staff was great!"
Jun 27, 2016
"I would highly recommend PTW. I was very happy with my progress and pain reduction in such a short period of time."
Jun 27, 2016
"Got my shoulder back in shape. It was interesting as I got stronger throughout the week. i no longer have to support my arm as I turn on the car radio or changed stations."
Jun 22, 2016
"All of my sessions were excellent and constructive"
Jun 22, 2016
"I was excited with my programs"
Jun 21, 2016
"PTW helped me meet my doctor's goal of one hundred percent flexibility and most of my goals of pain free day to day activities. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need."
Jun 21, 2016
"The entire staff was helpful and very friendly"
Jun 21, 2016
"My experience at PTW was great because of the staff and results"
Jun 21, 2016
"The staff is very involved and works as a complete team, coordinating and sharing info and tasks. Maintenance is a high priority. The scheduling is flexible."
Jun 14, 2016
"The staff at Quakertown is friendly and caring. When rehabilitating for a while, we grew to know one another pretty well. I appreciate the personal interest."
Jun 14, 2016
"From my first day to my last everyone was amazing. Everyone was so helpful and always smiling when asking if I was ok! I felt very comfortable every time. I will totally recommend PTW to anyone who needs physical therapy. I am definitely going to miss everyone!"
Jun 14, 2016
"PTW has the best people and they get you recovered quickly"
Jun 13, 2016
"Thank you for helping my pain go away and making it a great experience!"
Jun 13, 2016
"PTW tailored to me, addressed my concerns, helped me, managed my pain, and improved my strength. They have a courteous and friendly staff with flexible schedules."
Jun 10, 2016
"The staff was great to work with and the location was close to my home"
Jun 10, 2016
"Big thank you! I came to PTW restricted to everyday chores. You helped me with no pills and no surgeon knife!"
Jun 10, 2016
"Thanks to the staff for all your help-Especially to Jackie and Steve for understanding my goals for recovery and helping me achieve them/1"
Jun 10, 2016
"Love you all! I had great physical therapy treatment! I have been to St. Luke's and they don't compare!"
Jun 07, 2016
"I felt that I got the individual attention I needed for my particular injury!"
Jun 07, 2016
"The staff was professional, friendly, helpful, thorough, and service oriented!"
Jun 03, 2016
"The rehabilitation therapy was very structured and thorough. The people were very personable. i always felt comfortable."
Jun 02, 2016
"Everyone at PTW is highly professional and they all motivated me to work hard and do my exercises. I appreciate PTW's friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Ruthie and Brittney were especially kind and helpful!"
Jun 01, 2016
"The staff was phenomenal. I had the best results and the best one-on-one treatment I've ever had before! I will recommend PTW toeveryone!"
Jun 01, 2016
"The therapists work hard to make me work hard!"
Jun 01, 2016
"Big thank you! I came redistricted in my everyday chores. You helped me with no pills, or surgery knife!"
Jun 01, 2016
"I would not be as far as I am in my recovery without your staff at PTW. I am totally happy with my progress and looking forward to my recovery. Thanks!"
Jun 01, 2016
"The staff was great!"
Jun 01, 2016
"They all worked well with me and never went to PT before. 3rd surgery on left knee can perform my job duties. Wonderful experience and I am working!"
May 13, 2016
"The water therapy was the best part of my recovery program!"
May 11, 2016
"PTW was an extremely positive experience for me. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. They were extremely helpful in supporting me through this experience."
May 11, 2016
"Each attendant was knowledgeable of my condition and needs. Time went fast in my recovering"
May 11, 2016
"I had very professional, efficient, effective, friendly service"
May 11, 2016
"Everyone was helpful, caring, and friendly! Everyone was great after I had my surgery. If I had the smallest question, they always had a great answer"
May 11, 2016
"I am glad to find a non-surgical way to find relief from my symptoms!"
May 11, 2016
"Everyone is extremely nice ad cared about your recovery. I can't wait to get back to running"
May 11, 2016
"I had a great experience! From start to finish PTW exceeded my expectations. I didn't thinky recovery would be possible with only physical therapy, but much to my delight and surprise it worked!"
May 11, 2016
"I can come here and get better. The physical therapists are very caring and helpful and the girls are very friendly and helpful!"
May 11, 2016
"Tyler, Laura, and Bo were awesome. The physical therapy was executed with expertise, care and the physical therapists made it fun! This was my first experience with physical therapy and PTW made it wonderful. I feel so much better!"
May 11, 2016
"You can't beat the service provided by PTW. The willingness to help is incredible"
May 11, 2016
"I feel that I have come a very long way from the first visit at PTW. The staff is excellent and working with Kevin was a very good experience"
May 11, 2016
"I am thrilled my insurance sent me to PTW. Otherwise I'd never have had the pleasure of healing under Kevin and Angie's wise and watchful guidance. Keviins is exceptionally knowledgeable , perceptive, and effective! His work with me gave me my arm back. Angie is so supportive-personally and administratively. She made it so easy to be with her three times a week."
May 11, 2016
"The friendliness and professionalism of the staff made me look forward to coming back. The environment at PTW puts patients at ease and kept me motivated"
May 11, 2016
"Everyone was very attentive and made sure I was doing my exercise correctly"
May 11, 2016
"Physical therapy was great because it helped me gain more flexibility and more strength and healing in my back"
May 11, 2016
"My therapist and the overall atmosphere was always very cheerful and positive"
May 11, 2016
"I fell like everyone cares at PTW. My range of motion has improved!"
May 11, 2016
"Not only is my pain gone but I now know how to prevent future injuries."
May 11, 2016
"The personnel at PTW are,personal, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional all the way"
May 11, 2016
"All the Physical Therapists are so well informed and offer many helpful hints to maintain your body."
May 11, 2016
"The staff couldn't be greater. Everyone is very helpful and polite."
May 11, 2016
"I thank all the employees for everything they provided me with on my road to recovery, including the fun conversations."
May 11, 2016
"The staff provided me with great information. I can lift my grandson!"
May 11, 2016
"This is my third go around with my back and PTW is the best place to rehab"
May 11, 2016
"It was a great experience. I felt very comfortable with the extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff."
May 11, 2016
"From day one the staff at PTW went beyond expectations. They know your name from the moment you walk through the door and are there to help you in any way they can. It makes it so much easier to work through physical therapy when you like the people helping you. Thanks for a great experience!"
May 11, 2016
"I had a great experience coming to PTW. The entire staff is great and super friendly. Next time I injure myself I will definitely come back!"
May 11, 2016
"My expierence at PTW was awesome. The exercises were appropriately chosen"
May 11, 2016
"The staff was very nice and kept me working hard. Very pleased with my rehab results. I recommend PTW to anyone"
May 11, 2016
"Bob does a great job making sure he knows everyone and has an extensove knowledge of music! The main reason I come to PTW is because of Danielle's community efforts. Christian did a great job connecting with me and breaking down the doctor and patient border. Carlee and Mary Kate are so friendly and dont let me cheat during my exercises!"
May 11, 2016
"Fantastic one on one personalized treatment plans. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable"
May 11, 2016
"Christian was awesome! Really enjoyed working with him and all of the other staff members."
May 11, 2016
"I was a doubter that PT alone would rectify my injury but they made believers out of me. Great experience! From Start to finish- exceeded my expectations! Each evening they were there for me. I never felt rushed even though we went up to closing a few times. But most importantly, they listened, they pushed me, and they cared."
Mar 24, 2016
"Excellent care, superb staff. I used the Trooper facility for recovery from knee surgery (quad tendon reattachment). Jim and team explained everything clearly and patiently. My program progressed at an aggressive, but manageable, pace. Clean, comfortable, well-equipped facility; skilled, engaged, friendly staff. PTW helped me beat expectations, and get back on skis in less than a year. I recommend them in the highest possible terms."
Mar 16, 2016
"The staff actually cares! I am thankful that I chose PTW from the list my doctor gave me. It has been a very stressful 2 months and their caring for my physical issues helped me very much!"
Feb 03, 2016
"They are very professional, knowledgeable & most of all patient! I had the privilege of going during the day as well as the evening and found many employees working the day and the night shift. Now that's dedication! The process was so worth the pain & progress and my time here was well spent and got me to be where I needed to be for my job. Most of all, they made some great friends!!"
Feb 03, 2016
"Lots of options! I got to do pool therapy, alter G treadmill, lots of locations to choose from! I came into PT not knowing what to expect, but eager to get moving after 6 weeks on my couch following my ankle fracture and surgery. My first visit I wheeled in on my scooter and by the end of the visit I had learned to walk without my crutches, restore my independence & ability to leave my house without help."
Feb 01, 2016
"Everyone was very nice and polite. They took their time with you, making sure you got the exercise while still smiling and making you feel comfortable. They're very hard workers, and believe in making you feel better! I love PTW! They make you feel like family, not just another patient!"
Jan 28, 2016
"The staff was amazing, so well trained! Personal & Engaging! The facility is bright, airy, clean, organized & the staff was the best! Best of luck to everyone, keep up the great work!"
Jan 28, 2016
"Everyone at PTW expressed a personal interest in my injury and progress during rehab. Everyone was very friendly and the process was challenging The results were exactly as originally planned on day one!"
Jan 27, 2016
"No pressure. Earned my trust quickly. Noticeable positive results."
Jan 11, 2016
"Very knowledgeable caring staff. Friendly atmosphere."
Jan 08, 2016
"Treated immediately, courteously professionally, everyone knows your name! From the 24 hour response/appointment from my first call, through the evaluation. Solid treatment plan & just so nice to see familiar faces each time I visited!!"
Dec 24, 2015
"The people are just great, friendly & personal. They know just how far to push, this is my 3rd time at PTW and I wouldn't go anywhere else. I will be back in a couple of months after my knee replacement!"
Dec 24, 2015
"Receiving PT in Lansdale. Was having increasing pain in both knees prior to coming for therapy. After 8 sessions, I am having much less pain. Looking forward to more therapeutic sessions."
Dec 22, 2015
"Staff was friendly and helpful! I was unsure of what to expect or how Physical Therapy could be helpful. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I felt better and the pain was reduced. I appreciate the professionalism and helpfulness of all the staff."
Dec 18, 2015
"PTW is my go-to for any type of injury. This is my third "issue" I've had treated successfully here. Everyone here at PTW-Montgomeryville is so friendly, but most importantly, so professional. And I love when Erin sings!"
Nov 30, 2015
"PTW has been wonderful and is helping me get back to normal activity."
Nov 25, 2015
"My experience with PTW has all been positive and helped me get pain free after numerous different back injuries."
Nov 13, 2015
"Staff was sensitive to my specific needs as well to others. Work very well with each other. Great atmosphere & environment that everyone has created here! My father recommended PTW to me and have other friends that have a successful recovery from the PTW team!"
Nov 12, 2015
"I had a Bi-Lateral knee replacement in late August. It was difficult to get around because my knees were so stiff & unbending. My PT has helped me to come a long way to more mobility. It is still hard work but the pay-out will be worth it. I am very pleased with the good care I am getting at the Quakertown facility."
Nov 09, 2015
"Marc & Team got me back running again and I ran my 1st half marathon on October 31st, 2015! The calm, determined approach of the PTW staff instills calm and confidence. Once we got started, I never doubted Marc's promise to have me ready for my run and for good reason! We Succeeded!! THANK YOU!"
Nov 04, 2015
"Thanks to the staff at PTW I am back to 2 a days teaching HIIT classes with no shoulder issues! I am keeping up with all of of my exercises that Christian has recommended. Not only do I know who to go to if I ever get hurt again (lets hope that doesn't happen!) But I will refer anyone with injuries here:) Thanks again!!"
Nov 03, 2015
"You guys are amazing !"
Nov 03, 2015
"The staff at PTW are great. They have great patience and never let you give up on your recovery. I am definitely a healthier person for coming here."
Nov 02, 2015
"I wish I didn't have to keep coming, but you guys always do a great job, and I end up in much better shape, and I always improve after each visit."
Oct 29, 2015
"In the beginning, I was afraid I was not going to be able to walk, let alone go back to work. But the fine staff at PTW Glenside, Tyler, Kate, Laura, and Sharon, reassured me, walked me through the process, and now I am back to work, with no pain. I'd like to thank the staff for all of their kindness and patience."
Oct 21, 2015
"Over the past few weeks of going to physical therapy at PTW, I have to say that my experience has been very positive. The staff is very friendly and informative, which makes the overall program much more enjoyable. Since I started coming here my pain has significantly decreased, allowing me to do various daily activities without pain. I can safely rest assured that I will be back to life as usual in no time."
Oct 16, 2015
"My grade 3 shoulder separation is now fully functional thanks to the care a recommendations form PTW."
Oct 16, 2015
"I am a 50 year old woman from Philadelphia and I recently had bilateral knee replacements. Before my surgery, I suffered from daily pain in both knees as well as ever-increasing limiting mobility. After my surgery, I was fortunate enough to find PTW at the Glenside location. My decision to come here has turned out to be an outstanding one. I look forward to coming for my physical therapy three times a week. The personal attention from the staff and their dedication to getting me to my peak wellness was evident from day one. I love it here and have highly recommended it to family and friends."
Oct 15, 2015
"Everything went smooth and all of the staff were a great help! The staff stay on top of things! Actually, the physical therapy helped my ribs to heal fast."
Oct 14, 2015
"Good team who works well together. Great therapists each with different approaches."
Oct 14, 2015
"All staff is very friendly and helpful. Challenging exercises helped me build my strength and feel better! I would reccommend PTW to everyone! Friendly atmosphere and staff, yet very dedicated and professional. I enjoyed my weeks of therapy and of course enjoy feeling better!"
Oct 14, 2015
"Folks are caring, help you without making you feel self conscious and assure your success."
Oct 14, 2015
"The entire team is a unique combination of professional, friendly, encouraging (and appropriately pushing) and that critical technical knowledge! I felt I had caring partners who wanted me at 100%. A special thank you to Christian, Steve and Mike Jeffers - they pushed, educated & encouraged me every step of the way and the entire PTA team is phenomenal as well!!"
Oct 14, 2015
"The therapists listen and focus on real problems. When I slack off and stop stretching and exercising, they solve my back problem and return me to function."
Oct 14, 2015
"It has helped me in walking without pain and made me realize I am capable of exerting myself more than I have been."
Oct 14, 2015
"Everyone was very friendly and professional. This my third experience with therapy at PTW. Every time they have been very knowledgeable with appropriate guided exercises to help me through my physical difficulties."
Oct 14, 2015
"The staff was wonderful to work with. I feel so much better mentally and physically after my experience at PTW. I was worked "just right" & learned a lot about taking care of myself. I hope to return when I need or just want it."
Oct 14, 2015
"Flexible hours, knowledgeable friendly staff, convenient location!"
Oct 14, 2015
"All around great experience. Awesome, helpful, friendly staff! Christian was very helpful, friendly, and caring. Madge great progress! Thank you so much for taking great care of me! I would absolutely, highly recommend anyone to PTW!"
Oct 14, 2015
"Everyone was super nice, really took the time to listen and was successful in helping me with my injury! They thrive in helping patients back to full recovery!"
Oct 07, 2015
"The people at PTW Lansdale are great! They had the ability to listen to my problem, prescribe a treatment and follow through on it! All have been very professional, courteous and extremely knowledgeable in working me through the procedures necessary for recovery."
Oct 07, 2015
"The experience I had at PTW Lansdale was great because of the extraordinary personnel. This has been great, plan to come back to get in shape and lose weight!"
Oct 07, 2015
"Stephen Linton, DPT was exceptional at communicating and personalizing my therapy. You guys rock and I love you all! That is why I am going to do fitness!"
Oct 07, 2015
"I had a work injury to my elbow. PTW is strengthening my muscles and working on the pain. Great people, very knowledgeable and friendly."
Sep 18, 2015
"My experience at PTW was great because they listened & came up with exercises that helped me. PTW is the best PT center because they're very good at what they do."
Sep 18, 2015
"I went to Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute to rehab an old knee injury. Jackie, one of the Physical Therapists at PTW, took great care of me and helped jump start me on the road to 100% quickly. Thank you PTW and thank you Jackie!"
Aug 26, 2015
"Excellent and professional service. I worked with Andrew and Erin, both were very friendly and helpful. Thank you for helping me with my post surgery recovery."
Aug 24, 2015
"Everyone is so friendly, and they really care about making you better. They push you to try your hardest and recover as quick as possible. Thank you for pushing me and helping me through this rough time in my life. If I did not come here, I would be nowhere close to where I am now!"
Aug 20, 2015
"The atmosphere at PTW is always positive and everyone does a great job making the patients feel comfortable and welcomed during their visit. I felt noticeably stronger after every passing week, and the encouragement from all the employees always made PTW one of my favorite things to look forward to during the day."
Aug 19, 2015
"My kids play a lot of sports. I often tell other parents on the field how awesome PTW is and how their therapists have helped me."
Aug 14, 2015
"The staff is very helpful and friendly. I have been coming here for awhile."
Aug 03, 2015
"Great staff and very helpful."
Aug 03, 2015
"Thanks to the staff at PTW, Trooper, PA for working with me and helping to have better balance and posture. I continue to appreciate their kind, professional and care."
Aug 03, 2015
"Excellent. Great patience given by everyone. Time spent is always greatly helpful in healing process. Would recommend PTW to everyone I know."
Aug 03, 2015
"Well, so far I am progressing wonderfully. The therapist really listens to you and works you on an individual personalized program. The staff is such a team approach. I'm looking forward to being pain free."
Aug 03, 2015
"Best place ever! Everyone is great. This place helped my greatly. Dr Marc and the entire group are extremely helpful. I'm glad I came here for my treatments."
Aug 03, 2015
"After breaking my leg, I was concerned about returning to sports. The staff at PTW helped me get back to the fitness level I was at prior to my injury. They understood my goals and helped me achieve them."
Jul 30, 2015
"Great people who made it fun to come in and really wanted to help."
Jul 24, 2015
"I really enjoy coming here. Jim, Marc, Janelle, Shane and Mary are all so knowledgeable and caring. The whole atmosphere is very pleasant. I am now coming for fitness and really enjoy it."
Jul 17, 2015
"The therapists and staff were really friendly! I highly recommend them to anyone who needs rehab."
Jul 17, 2015
"Consistent professional style with a smile."
Jul 10, 2015
"The entire staff listens to the patient and responds with compassion. My goals became their goals and their passion for improving health & wellness is evident at all times. I was discouraged a few weeks ago, thinking I'd reach a plateau but Stephanie & Andrew tweaked my program, added strengthening and today I forget that I ever fell on the ice. My shoulder is doing great!!"
Jul 08, 2015
"My injury healed quickly! Steve did a really great job recommending exercises that would heal my injury and prevent re-injury!"
Jul 03, 2015
"They had awesome overall care! More thanks to the exercises, hands on attentive work, and great staff! I would recommend PTW to anyone I know who needs PT. All staff was great! Steve Linton, DPT was great!!"
Jul 03, 2015
"Enjoy the work experience to try getting my body back in shape after surgery."
Jul 01, 2015
"The staff was kind, caring, and compassionate. They cared about me as a patient and person. I was always greeted by my name and treated with respect. PTW got me back on my feet and running, literally! PTW helped me work through my injuries and come out as a stronger, fitter runner! Thank you!"
Jul 01, 2015
"Love it... staff is awesome!... Pain has improved. Very attentive to every patient with very diverse needs. Would recommend this facility to anyone looking for a better quality of life without pain and mobility limitations."
Jul 01, 2015
Jun 30, 2015
"I had persistent shoulder pain that has been alleviated by the excellent, caring attention of the staff at PTW. Mark and Shane were committed to my recovery. The staff could not have been nicer and everyone was friendly while remaining professional. I highly recommend this group."
Jun 26, 2015
"Excellent recovery and great people to interact with. Had a great experience."
Jun 26, 2015
"I am from Collegeville, PA. This is my second time coming to PTW and in that time I have been very well taken care of. The staff really listens to your concerns and helps you through different issues that may arrive. The only reason I stopped the first time was because of pain in my chest. My senior trainer actually called my cardiologist and my valve was replaced. Thank God for his call. I have only been back a few weeks now and feel confident they will be able to help with my pain."
Jun 26, 2015
"Great experience because of the program set for me and the awesome professional staff. Appreciate the education and program for home when I was done."
Jun 25, 2015
"The therapists never gave up on me! Very upbeat when the going was rough in the beginning. You have the best team here! I would absolutely refer friends here. Good healing atmosphere here at PTW."
Jun 24, 2015
"Their passion to see you be successful of your goals makes the experience great! The staff has a friendly attitude & they are happy to be there. Thank you Sharon and Christian (my PTs). Both are truly professionals and have extreme knowledge!"
Jun 24, 2015
"People took time to work with me. Everyone was great. Thanks to everyone for taking extra time with me as needed. Everyone is friendly and makes you feel very comfortable."
Jun 24, 2015
"The therapists work with me and push me to improve. This is my 3rd time here, 1 knee & 1 shoulder. Each time my experience has been top notch!"
Jun 24, 2015
"The Staff is wonderful! I love the pool & I loved the environment!"
Jun 24, 2015
"I learned what to do. Anatomy info was very helpful. PTW is so knowledgeable & friendly and they get results! No matter what physical level all are treated with respect and encourage to move on!"
Jun 24, 2015
"Sunday my husband and I went to the Phillies game. We walked from the subway station to the stadium, then from the 3rd base entrance around to our section on the 1st base side and down to the 13th row. And back again. My husband said "Hey, you're walking pretty well!" All the while I'm thinking, I couldn't have done this last year, when I struggled, walking/limping from the parking lot nearest the stadium to the entrance nearest to our seats. Many thanks to all!"
Jun 23, 2015
"Steph did an awesome job getting me back to fighting shape so I could test for and earn my black belt only two weeks after a concussion!! Thanks so much for all your help! "
Jun 22, 2015
"I have been to many PT places over the years for back and neck related problems with fair results. PTW in West Norriton has offered the best service and best outcomes. With a recent fracture to elbow and shoulder, the staff has been nothing short of wonderful. Not only kind and courteous, but their expertise is resulting is measurable improvement. Thanks for the professional care. "
Jun 10, 2015
"Came to PTW in Montgomeryville concerned about my rotator cuff tear from a fall on the ice. Earlier attempts at resolving the issue went something like this: The orthopedic doctor had determined (rather quickly) that the rotator cuff was my issue. He handed me a blurry copy of a man from the 1950's doing some rotator cuff strengthening exercises and sent me on my way (although I must admit he mentioned "PT" but I said "nah, this looks pretty easy". Three weeks later the pain was much worse. I had tried supplementing the two stretches that were given me with stretches FOR ROTATOR CUFF INJURIES"
Jun 04, 2015
"Thanks for the expert and personal attention received at PTW Quakertown. "
May 29, 2015
"PTW Is great!!! They helped me out with my sciatic pain before and after the broad street run! Now I'm a frequent runner and know what to do when the pain starts! You guys rock!"
May 26, 2015
"My son has had quite a few injuries as a high school football player and PTW has helped him numerous times to get back in shape! He is now a senior and in the State championship finals! Thank you PTW! "
May 21, 2015