October 26, 2017
Stephen Taylor
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PTW's Robert Babb Receives President's Award

President's Award: Chamber
President's Award: Chamber President's Award: Chamber President's Award: Bob, Jim, Diane, Ang

LANSDALE, PA - The Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute's President and Owner Robert Babb received this year's "President's Award" from the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Montgomery County at this year's 58th Annual Dinner & Awards Celebration held at Pine Crest Country Club.

Pam Kelly, the Chambers President, stated; "After receiving this gift from Bob and his staff to support the Chambers Community Health and Youth Foundation (CHYF), our reactions could not have been any different. I learned that Bob was disappointed with the donation from the proceeds that PTW had raised through the Broad Street ReRun, while here at the Chamber, we were elated to be able to send 6 high school kids off to a business mentorship retreat as a result of PTW's work with the Broad Street ReRun". The Chambers CHYF was organized to collaborate with the business community in fostering programs and activities which target education and wellness to enhance the quality of life in the greater Montgomery County area, with the foundation of education, literacy, and health.

Babb thanked the volunteers from the Broad Street ReRun, and the members of his staff in attendance. In addition, he stated, "We had a chance to talk to the high school students about their one week business retreat, and what they had learned. One student said he learned to operate all day on 3 hours of sleep, another said he wanted to be a business CEO in the future. We learned how this intensive training had helped them sort out their career goals. The retreat becomes the added value and meaning of the Broad Street ReRun for not just the PTW staff that organizes it, but all the volunteers and runners to know their participation is making a difference in our community. Our intention is to triple our proceeds in 2018, so consider lacing up now and getting ready for this great run on South Broad Street in Lansdale on May 19th next year."

The Physical Therapy and Wellness Institute is no stranger to this awards dinner. Back in 2008 The Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute was the recipient of the Small Business of the Year award, and the organization remains active in the Chamber.

Robert was honored to receive the award stating, "It has been an honor to work with the chamber for many years. The work that we do together is mutually beneficial. We are in constant pursuit of great customer experiences, a great company culture, all while staying active in our communities. These goals are achieved in many ways through our work with the Chamber".

PTW - The Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute - has been offering quality driven outpatient Physical Therapy for those recovering from injuries, surgeries, muscle traumas, painful joints, and skeletal disorders since 2002. Using biangular equipment, NASA technology driven Anti-Gravity Treadmills, Aquatic Therapy, combined with customer/provider mutual planning, the incorporation of programs are seamless. In additional to the fully credentialed PT programs offered by licensed and direct access Physical Therapists, PTW also offers including pre-operative conditioning, medically based exercise programs, and sports training. PTW providers are licensed for direct access, so that clients may contact them directly without a referral from a physician. PTW has been recognized nationally for their outstanding programs and services and has been voted as the best Physical Therapy Practice by readers of The North Penn Reporter, The Times Herald, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and was named Small Business of the Year by the Penn Suburban Chamber of Commerce.

For more information, please contact Steve Taylor of PTW at or (215) 855 9871