August 17, 2017
Stephen Taylor
PTW - Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute
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PTW & UBO Tackle Concussion Prevention

SOUDERTON, PA - The Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute and Upper Bucks Orthopaedics have partnered together to sponsor the Souderton Area High School cheerleading team's concussion prevention program. Recently PTW and UBO purchased eighteen concussion prevention helmets for the cheerleaders to use in practice until they master their moves. In past years Souderton Area High School's cheerleading team has suffered several concussions, sidelining cheerleaders for part of the season. This trend of increased concussions in cheerleading is not significant just in the Souderton area, but studies show an increasing amount of concussions being reported in the sport throughout the entire country.

The Souderton Area High School's cheerleading team currently had nineteen varsity and thirteen junior varsity cheerleaders. The cheerleaders practice and participate in competitions throughout the year as well as support the school's sports teams by rallying the crowd during games. Their routines typically involve a fair amount of high flying tosses which could lead to serious injury if the moves are not executed properly. The concussion prevention helmets give parents, coaches, and the cheerleaders more peace of mind knowing that if a move does go wrong, the cheerleader has equipment protecting their brain.

Since the concussion prevention helmets have been purchased the team has not had a single concussion and the cheerleaders are much more confident practicing their moves. Robert Babb, owner of PTW, stated, "Concussions are a growing concern among parents, coaches, and athletes of every sport. We are thrilled to sponsor a competitive program and hope that these helmets give parents, coaches, and athletes more peace of mind." Souderton Area High School's Athletic Director Dennis Stanton said, "We are very thankful for the generous donation. It will certainly enhance our training and reduce the amount of head injuries that our cheerleaders may experience."

The Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute, Upper Bucks Orthopaedics, and Souderton Area High School are all committed to keeping athletes safe and preventing potential season ending injuries that could not only effect student athletes physically but academically. All are looking forward to supporting the organization and hope that their efforts will lead to a successful 2017-18 season for the team!

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