October 4, 2016
Stephen Taylor
PTW - Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute
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image of a pill bottle and pills

PTW Tackles the Opioid Epidemic

LANSDALE, PA - In an effort to educate the public on the opioid epidemic affecting our country, The Physical Therapy and Wellness Institute will be displaying 1,000 orange pill bottles outside their clinic in Lansdale on Thursday, October 13th, in effort to continue to educate the public on the serious misuse of prescription pain medication. The pill bottles will be arranged to spell out a message encouraging physicians and patients to consider physical therapy for treating their pain.

The 1,000 bottles represent the 1,000 individuals that are treated in emergency departments every day for misusing prescription opioids. These pill bottles are labeled with information and statistics pertaining to the epidemic and how physical therapy can be safely used to treat pain and improve patient's quality of life without exposing them to addictive and sometimes harmful medications. Inside of the amber colored containers are candies similar to the size and shape of opioids as well as more informational sheets explaining the severity of the fight against opioids.

Following the demonstration The Physical Therapy and Wellness Institute will hit the streets, delivering the bottles to physicians around the area and encouraging them to consider physical therapy before prescribing habit forming medications. PTW founder and President, Robert Babb stated, "We recognize that opioid prescriptions, use, and abuse have been increasing at an alarming rate. We hope to explain to physicians that there are in fact safe medical alternatives other than opioids, including the use of physical therapy to manage pain and improve patient's quality of life."