February 11, 2016
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PTW celebrates Direct Access Privileges of 9 Physical Therapists

Steph and Erin Stick Training in Montgomery

Just Thursday morning, we were informed the Stephanie McDougal, DPT, has earned her direct access privileges in the state of Pennsylvania, an achievement well deserved. She is now one of nine Physical Therapists at PTW who have earned the same privilege.

Over the past several years, Dr. McDougal has studied to specialize in vestibular therapy, concussion management, and vertigo disorders, while successfully helping over 1200 new patients rehabilitate in our Montgomeryville outpatient physical therapy center. She is certified in Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), and remains active in the community with talks, screens, and youth sports.

Direct access for our patients offers them value added services for a variety of conditions, such as joint pain, back pain, after surgery, after injury, even after waking up with nagging stiffness that won't go away. Evidence suggests Physical Therapy is proven to reduce pain, reduce dependency on medications, restore performance, and even avoid surgery in many cases (such as back pain, shoulder and knee pain). Getting to a PT first offers access to "first line" experts in musculoskeletal pain and function. With over 7 years of schooling for Doctors of Physical Therapy, there are no higher trained experts of physical movement than Physical Therapists! Best of all, PTW has worked with over 540 doctors in the area, communicating and referring to them for the direct access patient needs.

We congratulate Dr. McDougal on her achievements.