December 5, 2016
Stephen Taylor
PTW - Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute
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PTW Becomes Participating Member of the Hospital for Special Surgery

Tyler stretching a customer

LANSDALE, PA - The Physical Therapy and Wellness Institute has recently become the first Pennsylvania participating member of the Hospital for Special Surgery Rehabilitation Network. According to the HSS Rehabilitation Network website, HSS "is a hospital-based network of recommended outpatient rehabilitation practices." The membership includes "over 150 high-quality independent facilities", and PTW is now the only member of the rehabilitation network in Pennsylvania. To become a member, The Physical Therapy and Wellness Institute underwent an extensive application process which included reviews of policies and procedures, site inspection, and clinical observation.

PTW owner Robert Babb was excited to become a member of this exceptional network, commenting, "this provides PTW with a unique opportunity. We are now the first and only participating member in our state. The Hospital for Special Surgery is the top ranked Orthopedic Hospital in the country; some say the world, where even patients from our area visit for their surgical care. This opens the door for many different types of referrals to pass through PTW, and allows us to showcase our exceptional care to folks who may not have been referred to us otherwise."

Babb also stated that, "because of the extensive application process, this membership is a reflection of the quality of care PTW gives patients on a daily basis. Our staff is proud of the work they do; doing whatever it takes to provide high quality physical therapy. This membership reaffirms that the practices we have put in place throughout our fourteen-year history are helping us achieve that goal."

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