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Parkinson's Disease

Almost 1 Million people in the United States will be living with Parkinson’s Disease by the year 2020

LSVT BIG trains people with Parkinson disease to use their body at a normal amplitude. It is a standardized exercise approach developed from 20 years of research and has shown documented improvements in balance, trunk rotation, and faster walking with bigger steps. The program trains PD patients to make bigger movements and teaches the amount of effort required to produce normal movements in real world, everyday activities.

Because LSVT BIG treatment is customized to each person’s specific needs and goals, it can help regardless of the stage or severity of your condition. That said, the treatment may be most effective in early or middle stages of your condition, when you can both improve function and potentially slow further symptom progression. Beginning your work with LSVT BIG before you’ve noticed significant problems with balance, mobility or posture will often lead to the best results, but it’s never too late to start.

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