April 20, 2018
Stephen Taylor
PTW Expands with Eighth Location
Phone: (215) 855-9871

Pain free Anti-Gravity lands in Quakertown

The Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute of Quakertown opens their new addition, with Anti-Gravity AlterG equipment

QUAKERTOWN, PA - Since opening their doors in 2002, PTW has had the privilege of providing industry best Physical Therapy care and Wellness programs in seven local markets to over 38,000 new patients, while holding on to their three original value foundations of an unusually engaging customer experience.

"Pain free exercise, education, and engagement makes PTW different” is what Robert Babb of The Physical Therapy & Wellness (PTW) Institute, Quakertown states when asked to cite the difference between most outpatient PT centers and PTW. With the addition of the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill," Babb states, "This will help us further differentiate us from the hospital-based PT centers and the other national branded PT centers in the area that simply don’t invest in the customer experience nor have this technology."

For the pain free part, the AlterG anti Gravity Treadmill lets your walk or run at low or fast speeds, sideways, backwards, and better yet, from 10% of your body weight up to 100%, unloading an aching joint instead of the compression found on land. Babb states, "It's like the deep water warm pools we have in our Lansdale center, were we can reduce gravity to unload the back, knee, hip, and ankle, making walking or running pain free compared to land."

Combining the unloading equipment with education and engagement define PTW Quakertown, making each visit unique to the customer’s needs. As example, for back pain, the Physical Therapy and Wellness Institute offers back school type engagements that include home exercise instruction, mechanics of lifting instructions, to ergonomics in your work office, even doing job site visits to help you understand how to avoid repetitive strains and injury.

Finally, several key programs make up the foundation PTW Quakertown. The family life program permits any past patient at any time come visit for a checkup, while the family share program which permits a wife or husband, or other family member, to come experience your PT with you, side by side, or simply get on a treadmill while the patient is getting therapy.

Babb summarizes, "This is an exciting time for PTW! We now can offer a new solution to the Quakertown community with joint pain, helping folks get better much faster and with less pain."

PTW - The Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute - has been offering quality driven outpatient Physical Therapy for those recovering from injuries, surgeries, muscle traumas, painful joints, and skeletal disorders since 2002. Using biangular equipment, NASA technology driven Anti-Gravity Treadmills, Aquatic Therapy, combined with customer/provider mutual planning, the incorporation of programs are seamless. In additional to the fully credentialed PT programs offered by licensed and direct access Physical Therapists, PTW also offers including pre-operative conditioning, medically based exercise programs, and sports training. PTW providers are licensed for direct access, so that clients may contact them directly without a referral from a physician. PTW has been recognized nationally for their outstanding programs and services and has been voted as the best Physical Therapy Practice by readers of The North Penn Reporter, The Times Herald, The Philadelphia Inquirer, was named Small Business of the Year by the Penn Suburban Chamber of Commerce, and in 2017 received the President’s award from the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Montgomery County.


For more information, please contact Steve Taylor of PTW at or (215) 855 9871

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