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Work Ready Program at PTW

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The Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute is the premier provider of comprehensive industrial rehabilitation and injury prevention services. We are dedicated to our patient's rapid and safe return to work and offer services to all industries committed to controlling worker's compensations costs. We are compliant with OSHA and ADA standards and guidelines.

PTW's Physical Therapists possess many years experience in the rehabilitation and prevention of work injuries. We provide specialized services which injured workers, physicians, employers and case managers all appreciate.

Industrial Rehabilitation

Quantifiable Physical Therapy

Successful treatment of the injured worker requires a higher level of knowledge in the workman's injury spectrum. Our team of skilled, licensed Physical Therapists provides targeted treatment to bring the individual back to work readiness. At PTW, we also take pride in operating with a high degree of professionalism. Accordingly, we take care to communicate effectively with the employer, the employee, the case manager, and the doctor involved in the case. As an example, it is our policy to:

  1. Finish the typed initial objective findings, goals, and return to work planning to the referring Physician, Case Manager, and Employer within 24 hours of the first visit.
  2. To obtain objective, verifiable, and valid testing on the injured worker including dynometric strength testing, job demand analysis, and functional performance testing using their job description as the guide.
  3. Move the injured worker through the standard Physical Therapy program as rapidly as permitted by injury, diagnosis, or post-surgical pro-tocol.
  4. Communicate each week to the case manager and insurance company all information including attendance sheets, daily notes, testing, evaluations and re-evaluations.
Work Ready Program (Work Conditioning)

After a brief duration in our outpatient Physical Therapy program, an injured worker will progress to our work conditioning program with an aim to-wards return to work.

Our Work Ready Program is an intensive, work-related, goal-oriented conditioning program. It starts with a work specific evaluation including systems review, selected tests and measures and identification of the worker's individual work-related restoration needs. Evaluation of examination data shall be used to identify eligibility, design a plan of care, monitor progress and plan for discharge and return to work Physical Therapist will design a program to restore systemic:

Joint integrity and mobility Muscle performance (including strength, power, and endurance) Motor function (motor control and motor learning) Range of motion (including muscle length Cardiovascular/pulmonary functions (e.g. aerobic capacity/endurance).

The objective of the work conditioning program is to restore physical capacity and function to enable the patient/client to return to work.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

By definition from the American Physical Therapy Association, an FCE is a systematic, valid, and reproducible process of assessing an individual's physical capacities and functional abilities. The FCE matches human performance levels to the physical demands of a specific job, work activity, and/or occupation. The FCE is a useful tool in determining job placement, job accommodation, or return to work after injury or illness.

PTW's Functional Capacity Evaluation is the most objective, reliable, valid, efficient and safe FCE on the market. This 4 to 8 hour test directly compares a individuals functional abilities to the physical demands of the job and presents the percentage of full work a client is able to perform. The FCE software knows whether you are performing a return to work evaluation or a baseline evaluation for disability.

Key components of our FCE:

  • Functional and scientific approach
  • Evidence based testing methodology
  • Objective - Efficient - Safe
  • Standardized FCE that supports inter-rater and in-tra-rater reliability
  • Customize each report to meet the needs of your client
  • Immediate report generation with summary and recommendations
  • Consistency of effort and reliability of pain ratings automatically calculated

FCEs are ordered for:

  1. Physicians and other referral sources to facilitate appropriate referral and to integrate the findings into case management.
  2. Insurance companies
  3. Managed care organizations
  4. Claims review organizations - to authorize, monitor, and remunerate for FCEs.
  5. State Workers' Compensation regulatory agencies as definitions and guidelines for clients on workers' compensation.

Injury Prevention