June 19, 2017
Stephen Taylor
PTW - Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute
Phone: (215) 855-9871

Career Advancements at PTW

LANSDALE, PA - The Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute is proud to announce the career promotions offered to several of their key employees. These employees include Lansdale's Sean Vanin and Jackie Yee. Both employees have been promoted to Clinical Supervisors of the Quakertown and Glenside clinics, respectively.

Over the years, PTW has grown to seven locations. The company's growth has created the opportunity for young therapists such as Sean and Jackie to move into key positions within the company's structure.

Sean earned his Bachelor's Degree in Dance from Muhlenberg College, later applying his unique background of body movement while earning his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Drexel University. Sean has clinical experience with orthopedic, neurological, and geriatric patient populations. He uses creative approaches to design individualized plans of care. Sean was hired in June of 2016 and quickly impressed patients and staff members with his knowledge and expertise pertaining to physical therapy. PTW is excited to bring Sean's energy and expertise to the Glenside location.

Jackie attended The University of the Sciences where she received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy & Bachelor's in Health Science. Jackie's outpatient interests include treating the neck and spine. Jackie is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association & the McKenzie Institute. For the past several weeks Jackie has been acting as Quakertown's Clinical supervisor and already has a feel for the responsibilities and roles a Clinical Supervisor must play.

As PTW's owner Robert Babb put it, "This is an exciting time for the Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute. We are lucky enough to have expanded to seven markets in the past fifteen years, creating opportunities for young physical therapists to gain valuable hands on experience running their own clinic. We are beyond confident in the ability of Sean and Jackie to step in to their new roles and help PTW enthusiastically deliver quality driven physical therapy and quantifiable fitness programs for many more years to come!"

PTW - The Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute —has been offering quality driven outpatient Physical Therapy for those recovering from injuries, surgeries, muscle traumas, painful joints, and skeletal disorders since 2002. Using biangular equipment, NASA technology driven Anti-Gravity Treadmills, Aquatic Therapy, combined with customer/provider mutual planning, the incorporation of programs are seamless. In additional to the fully credentialed PT programs offered by licensed and direct access Physical Therapists, PTW also offers including pre-operative conditioning, medically based exercise programs, and sports training. PTW providers are licensed for direct access, so that clients may contact them directly without a referral from a physician. PTW has been recognized nationally for their outstanding programs and services and has been voted as the best Physical Therapy Practice by readers of The North Penn Reporter, The Times Herald, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and was named Small Business of the Year by the Penn Suburban Chamber of Commerce.