May 14, 2014
Danielle Bridge
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PTW celebrates 25,000 new patients

Eugene Ziemba, of North Wales, celebrates with PTW in seeing 25,000 new patients over the past 12 years.

On May 14th, The Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute (PTW) surprised Eugene Ziemba of North Wales with Balloons, gift certificates, and a celebration of this milestone achievement.

“This is a celebration of our staff’s dedication to the clients”, Robert Babb, President and founder, told group of patients this morning at 6 am. Babb further stated, “Since we started in July of 2002, you come into our living room. Our living room is filled with family, trust, preparation, candid conversations, smiles, tears, and laughter, while the mission of our experienced providers and support staff has been to deliver quality driven care that is needed for success! Since we started with a grand staff of 2, we were committed, and remain to this day, to become an industry best group practice. This helps us differentiate from the single therapist model found in many of our markets. Although it might be the hardest way to set up a new business, it gives the patient flexibility in their program (to come a 6 am or 6 pm appointment), helps us build foundations for evidenced based delivery, and prevents stagnant programs often found in single provider delivery. Each day, we challenge each other and our patients in order to serve up industry best Physical Therapy”.

After his visit, Eugene and all the patients at all PTW locations enjoyed some Via Venetos water ice, scooped out by their staff!

Babb also announced to his employees a companywide celebration that will occur on June 8th. All previous patients are invited to come meet all our PTW employees, families, and friends for a barbecue at our Lansdale location, 3 pm to 7 pm.

Details are being arranged now, announcements to follow.

Bob and Eugene Bob and Eugene