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The Alter G is the most advanced piece of rehabilitation and training equipment on the market today. Built off of NASA technology it, uses differential air pressure and reduces impact/stress on the body. This enables us to reduce patients weight-bearing in 1% increments down to 20% of their body weight; allowing for a quicker and less painful return to weight bearing, rehabilitation, walking, or running. The air pressure also enables patients with gait or balance deficits to walk with no risk of falls, or to perform dynamic gait activities in a safer rehabilitation environment.

AlterG at Hatfield Location

If you or someone you know answers yes to any of the following questions, call us to set up a time on the AlterG!

AlterG West Norriton

OVER SPEED TRAIN with us for your next race!

Custom designed 6 to 8 week running program created by Performance Enhancement Specialist & Elite Runner Crystal Burnick.

Program includes:

  • Weekly program with daily instructions, including both in and out of clinic training. (90 minutes of ALterG per week)
  • Screening for muscular imbalances or joint pain by a physical therapist.

Why Use the AlterG?

  • Allows faster recovery time.
  • Helps increase speed.
  • Increases VO2 Max by running at a faster pace.
  • Build-u mileage safely.

Limited Spaces Available!

Spring Special:
Base Price $20/hour
10 Hour Pack - $175