June 19, 2017
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Broadstreet Rerun

Broadstreet Rerun

2017 Broad Street ReRun Results

LANSDALE, PA - The 6th Running of Lansdale's 2017 Broad Street ReRun is officially in the books! The race was held on May 20th, 2017 and was attended by more than 200 runners, volunteers, family, and friends. The five mile race up and down Lansdale's Broad Street was won by Evan Novakowski, who finished the race in twenty-seven minutes even. Shortly behind Evan was Maura McMahon who was the race's top female finisher, who finished just under thirty-two minutes.

The youngest participant was fourteen year old Becca Pohle, who finished thirty fifth overall in thirty-nine minutes and thirty seconds. The race was also run by athletes from the Ainsley's Angels of America organization. These athletes ran with young athletes with disabilities in strollers and, together the team helped safely accomplish the goal of completing the race while having fun.

Another highlight of race day was the food and festivities taking place in the Pavillion parking lot. Vendors and Sponsors came out to showcase their services, give out free sample, or even help stretch runners prior to and after the race. Through sponsorship, registration, and donations the race was able to raise enough money to donate $3,100 to the Penn Suburban Chamber of Commerce's Health and Youth Organization. The funds will be used to help pay for students to attend Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week (PFEW) where students will learn essential business and entrepreneurial skills.

Planning for next year's Broad Street ReRun is already in the works. The Physical Therapy & Wellness Institute will once again be organizing the race which will be held on Saturday, May 19th, 2018.

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