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PT Minute

Don't suffer a minute longer!

  • Direct Access Privileges
  • Appointments within 24 Hours
  • Early Morning/Late Evening Hours
  • Saturday Hours

Why PTW?

Our Promise:

  • To offer you an unusually pleasant healthcare experience (not a day goes by without us working for you!)
  • To offer a minimal wait experience & offer you an appointment within 24 hours of your first phone call
  • To deliver a note to your referring physician within 24 hours of your initial evaluation at PTW!

Our Pledge:

  • We work hard for you from 6am to 8pm, and even on Saturdays
  • We work hard to get to know your physician & their staff with notes, report cards, texts, phone calls, and fax!
  • Our staff of dedicated administrators will work hard behind the scenes everyday
  • PT’s work hard to keep up, attending numerous courses a year
  • We work hard to support small local businesses.
  • We work with local sports, schools & organizations.

Our Facts:

  • We staff over 30 Physical therapists and physical therapist assistants with over 150 years of experience
  • 98% patient satisfaction rates since 2003
  • 92% of all patients report improvement as a result of PTW intervention
  • We provide educational talks to the community throughout the year
  • We are often referenced in the local and nation press for our work

Fun Stuff!

  • We like to celebrate your success, take your picture for our road to recovery, & share your story on the chalkboard!
  • We give away rewards for consistent attendance and referring your friends or family
  • Let us snap a picture of you in therapy and we’ll put it on our social media pages!
  • We like to have fun, because being in pain is clearly not a whole lot of fun!

Our Mission…

To enthusiastically deliver quality driven Physical Therapy and quantifiable Medically Based Fitness programs while exceeding our customer’s expectations in all areas of the delivery of our services.


Linda Roberts
Injury: Neck, Hatfield

They listen, they understand your body so well & they are compassionate
with your circumstance. The hours are great and so are the therapists.
Even when you are not in the center of their attention for therapy you are
in their field of vision for correcting exercises and cheering you on!

Lorraine Manderachi
Injury: Neck/Shoulder/Back Norristown

I came in with such severe pain that I would cry. Now I'm leaving with a smile.
Everyone is so kind and helpful and caring. It's like family. I really enjoyed my
time here at PTW. I thought it might be a chore but every time I came I was
greeted like family. I'm really going to miss everyone. Thank you!

Elizabeth Dailey
Injury: Low Back, North Wales

I appreciate the help in reducing pain level & learning techniques to continue
at home. PTW has a friendly caring atmosphere and therapists are interested
in getting good results! Thanks to all!!